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Programs that pay for or provide new and/or second hand bicycles for individuals who qualify on the basis of income, age, or disability. Also included are organizations that sell new or used bicycles at very low prices, refer people to bicycle stores, provide money to help people purchase a bicycle, or otherwise help people acquire a bicycle.

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Household Goods

Programs that pay for or provide new, reconditioned or secondhand furnishings for homes or apartments.

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Lost and Found

Programs that are designated as the official repository for lost personal property and are responsible for returning items to people who can satisfactorily prove ownership.

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Mobile Devices

Programs that pay for or provide portable computing, communications or entertainment devices for use in a variety of environments. The devices typically have a display screen with touch input or a miniature keyboard and include personal digital assistants (PDAs), handheld game consoles, digital cameras, portable media players, e-book readers, cell phones, pagers and personal navigation devices (PDNs). Some devices offer a combination of functions, e.g., most PDAs have features which allow them to be used as mobile phones or portable media players; and smartphones have advanced capabilities such as Wi-Fi and e-book reader features and function more like miniature computers with phone capabilities.

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Mobile Hotspot Devices

Programs that provide portable devices that people who need Internet access at home can borrow for designated periods of time. Included are libraries that loan the devices to patrons and Centres for Independent Living (and other similar organizations) that have received funding to loan the devices to eligible individuals who need them, again for limited periods of time. A mobile hotspot is personal device that creates a small local area of Wi-Fi coverage allowing nearby Wi-Fi devices to connect to the Internet. The device serves as a link between nearby Wi-Fi devices and a cellular data network.

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Office Equipment and Supplies

Programs that pay for or provide personal computers, copy machines, fax machines, adding machines, shredders, time and attendance machines, laminating/binding machines, paper cutters and trimmers, presentation equipment and other office equipment.

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Personal Goods/Services

Programs that pay for or provide new or secondhand personal necessities.

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Repair Services

Programs that pay for or provide maintenance and repair services that enable people to fix essential household appliances or other essential possessions that are broken or damaged.

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